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The Great Escape – part twelve

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There wasn’t much to do for this part. There’s one more mouse added. He’s sitting beneath the first mouse encouraging him to make his escape from the owl. He’s made of the same stitches as the first mouse and I used the same silk for him. I do like using that silk. It feels lovely and smooth on my fingers.

The Great Escape - part twelve
There are also two beetles. You can see one in the photo above. He’s just peeking out from the log. I used some silk for him too, from the same card of leftovers as the mouse silk. It’s CC Belle Soie and is just a shade darker than the log, although it’s difficult to tell from the photo.

The other beetle isn’t hiding so you can see all of him.

The Great Escape - part twelve
As you can see from the full picture, this beetle is at the edge of the design and is running off into the distance.

The Great Escape - part twelve
I love this design and I’m really enjoying doing a bit every couple of weeks.

I’m going to do a bit more to the Cottage now as virtually none got done over the weekend due to the excellent F1 coverage on the new Sky channel. Luckily I have this week off work. I’ll be out and about quite a bit, including my trip to the NEC for Sewing for Pleasure, but I should find lots of stitching and reading time.

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