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April Cottage preview

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Today I was planning to go to the NEC to the Sewing for pleasure show. I also had big plans for Tuesday. I should know better than to make plans though as on Tuesday morning I woke up with a migraine which didn’t go until late last night and I feel much too wibbly today to go to the NEC. Luckily I can still go tomorrow but I’m upset about missing my afternoon out on Tuesday. As I say though, I should have known better.

Still, I’ve consoled myself today with buying some music from itunes that I’ve had my eye on for a while –  Foo Fighters, Linkin Park and Muse. I’ve also put the stash for April’s Cottage all together as the last bits of it arrived from the Patchwork Rabbit yesterday.

April Cottage preview
There are quite a lot of colours used in this one, but some of them are starting to repeat from previous months so I haven’t had to buy that many of them. I actually had most of the DMC so I only needed to buy two shades plus the three overdyed, which I feel need a close up to show off their loveliness.

April Cottage preview
One each from Gentle Arts, Crescent Colours and Weeks Dye Works. Yum. You can’t tell from the photo as the sun was washing it out a bit, but that Artichoke is absolutely gorgeous with some beautiful shading in it.

I was a bit dubious about the Cottage as I thought the colours were a bit too purple at first, but when I saw it in real life with the threads, I could see how lovely it’s going to be.

April Cottage preview
I love that rabbit with the carrots! And the bluebirds on the roof and the tree. Oh, and those clouds too. It’s all so pretty that it was hard to put it away until April but I really must get on with March’s Cottage and finish that first.


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One thought on “April Cottage preview

  1. Cute cottage. Love the rabbit & carrots!


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