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March’s Cottage, now with sheep


Friday’s purchases inspired a flurry of stitching yesterday. The idea is that if I finish the Cottages more quickly each month, I can finish some of my other WIPs and then I can start on my lovely Flower sampler book. I stitched all through third practice for the GP, for which I got up at 4.30am, and this is what it looked like by the end of the coverage for that.

March's Cottage, now with sheep
I do love those sheep. I made a good start on the borders during qualifying and in the afternoon, and I hope to finish this off tomorrow.

The reason I haven’t got much done today is that the race itself today was much too exciting to do any stitching while it was on, and as soon as it had finished, I was straight out the door and back to the NEC. There I met up with friends and had a lovely natter while they shopped. I had absolutely no intention of buying anything else today. I went only to socialise.

Then I spotted this.

March's Cottage, now with sheep
I’ve been looking for a new bag that would sling crossways. And this was just the colour scheme I was looking for, and much cheaper than any of the others that I’ve seen. Pretty, isn’t it.

Back to work in the morning after a lovely week off. I’d rather stay home with my books and stitching but what can I do? Someone’s got to pay for all this stash.


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4 thoughts on “March’s Cottage, now with sheep

  1. I finished it off this afternoon šŸ™‚


  2. Yup, all finished, and pressed. Photos taken too. I’m just about to put them on the laptop.
    Your few flowers shouldn’t take long once you’ve rested that arm a bit and then you’ll be ready for a bit of purple.


  3. I love that bag – yum! Love the sheep too, aren’t they cute? I could have had mine finished last week but needed to give the arm a rest. I’ve a few flowers to do on the bottom border – are you all complete now? April arrived yesterday šŸ˜€


  4. It was lovely to see you again chuck & I thought you were so very well controlled in *not* buying any more goodies today (well..other than that lush bag). See you again soon. xx


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