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March’s Cottage – finished


I had another good stitch last night and got the second border completed and then the odd flowers and shamrocks around the month. I kept getting a bit distracted by the TV as I had MTV Rocks on and there was some rather good music playing, but I kept at it until it was done. I was determined to get it finished.

This is what it looks like now. I really like this one.

March's Cottage - finished
I’m now planning to get at least a couple more of the characters done in the Firefly project and then start the purple loveliness that is April’s Cottage.

I’m contemplating signing up for another SAL. I’m not quite sure why, apart from the fact that it’s another specialist stitches type one, this time from Papillon Creations. It promises 80 different stitches, several of my friends on the Cross Stitch Forums are doing it and I just know I’m going to wish I’d done it if I don’t and then see their progress. I am questioning my sanity in committing to yet another project but I’ll just have to cut back on sleeping or something else, in order to make time. Not a problem…


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3 thoughts on “March’s Cottage – finished

  1. There is still music on MTV? Love the little sheeps


  2. Looks fabulous – I now realise that I’ve forgotten to do the white bits in the windows!


  3. Loved this one and now really looking forward to April as it has purple!


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