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Firefly – three more people stitched


I managed to get some more done to this before starting on the next Cottage on the 1st. I’ve finished the right hand side now with Simon and River. Simon has a blingy gold waistcoat and looks perfect.

Firefly - three more people stitched
River is right on the end so once I’d finished stitching her, I went back to the middle and started to the left of Mal. That meant I got to do Inara and her pretty dress. She has a blingy gold trim on it. Unfortunately I had a choice of using the recommended DMC metallic, which wasn’t going to happen, or I had some Madeira which I hadn’t tried yet. I’ve discovered that I don’t like Madeira metallics either.

Still, the results are ok and I love the way Inara turned out.

Firefly - three more people stitched
I finally gave in and fetched down the boxed set of Firefly DVDs and have been watching them while stitching. I’m pretty sure I’d have got rather more done if I hadn’t but I’ve really enjoyed seeing the show again. I’d forgotten just how good it was. I’ll get the DVDs out again when I do the last three characters, and maybe finish them off when I do some more Pixel people designs. I’ve got a couple more in my stash box and there are some more that I have my eye on over at Wee Little Stitches.

This is what it looks like now with them all in a row.

Firefly - three more people stitched
I’ve an idea for some text to backstitch underneath it when I’ve done the characters, just to finish it off. I need to put it into a Cross Stitch program to see if it’ll fit into the spacing allowed first. Fingers crossed.


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3 thoughts on “Firefly – three more people stitched

  1. What will the text be? A quote from the show? I guess we’ll wait and see 🙂


  2. They look really great – especially Inara’s pretty dress, love the colour of that. There are 3 more to do you say?


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