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That new Papillon SAL


It looks as if I’m definitely going to be doing this 24 month stitch a long then. I’ve got the fabric and all of the threads, the last of which arrived today, and the first part of the chart was released today. I’ve just downloaded it and I can’t decide if it looks exciting, or just plain scary. I am committed to it now though so as soon as I’ve finished April’s cottage, I may make a start. I do have two parts of The Great Escape to catch up on, so I could do those first, but I don’t want to get behind on the new one.

If I hadn’t spent five days in bed with a migraine last weekend, I’d have been almost finished with the current cottage now and would have plenty of time for everything but thanks to the mega-migraine striking I’m a bit off schedule. It didn’t help that I missed seeing one of the parts of The Great Escape being released last month, which is why I now have two to do.

Still, at least I won’t run out of stuff to do, eh?

This is the delicious pile of stash that I have for the Around the World SAL by Papillon.

That new Papillon SAL
Grey fabric with blues and dusky pinks. The two beads are slightly different colours but I did think they’d be a bit more different from the pictures on the website. It’s so hard to tell sometimes. I think they’ll be ok though. I may change the one DMC blue for a dusky gold to match the gold in the one overdyed pink/gold thread now that I’ve seen part one of the design. I’m happy with the rest though. The pinks are gorgeous, as are the Threadworx blues.

There are several stitches in it that I haven’t done before so I am looking forward to starting it. I’m just a bit apprehensive that I may have bitten off more than I can chew. We shall see. Cottage update coming soon hopefully.


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2 thoughts on “That new Papillon SAL

  1. Lush thread stash bab….those blues are gorgeous aren’t they? Bostin.


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