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April’s Cottage – finished

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And in record time too! I finished this on Sunday during the five hours of Formula One coverage that I thoroughly enjoyed.

I really like this one now it’s finished with all the pretty purples and greens.

April's Cottage - finished
There’s a reason that some of my photos look a different colour at the top than they do at the bottom. I put the stash or project, on my desk in front of the window to take the photo in natural light. This avoids getting shadows on it but means that the nearer it is to the light, the more saturated it appears to be. One day I’ll find the perfect way to take the photos but until then, it’ll have to do.

I spent some time yesterday cutting fabric to size, pressing and hemming. I now have all the fabric for the next six months of the Cottages ready to use, and I would have had the fabric ready for the Around the World project but I hit a snag. Pressing it did not get the fold marks out of it, which it usually does. That meant I needed to hand wash it to get all the creases out and then press it once dry. This afternoon I’ve pressed it again but there are two distinct white lines running the full length of it where the fold lines are. They look suspiciously like fade marks and they’re definitely not creases any more. Looks like I’m going to have to replace it.

I’ve done a bit more on The Great Escape and will carry on with that now as the intention to make a start on Around the World has been thwarted by the fabric disaster. Sigh.

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One thought on “April’s Cottage – finished

  1. I love the tree on this one!


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