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The Great Escape – part thirteen

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Two new stitches for part thirteen, both for flowers in the moonlight. The bottom flower is in Star stitch. There are only six flowers but they took a while to do as each one had to be done separately as any thread carried across the back would have shown. Also, I was being careful to get the threads to lay neatly. I’ve just ordered a trolley needle to help with all these fancy stitches.

In the centre of the flowers I can put either a bead or a French knot. I think I’ll probably use beads and I’m sure I have some that are suitable. I’ll add them at the end though. Abi also says that some beads could be added around the smaller flowers so I may do that too. I’ll have a better idea if I want to do that once the rest is done.

The Great Escape - part thirteen
The upper flowers are done in Tied Windmill stitch and again each one is done separately. Lots of counting, checking and double-checking of threads to get the placement right. The two lots of flowers are done in slightly different shades. Both overdyes so there’s a variegation. The lower one is a touch darker. Both colours will be used quite a bit more throughout the design.

This is how it looks now.

The Great Escape - part thirteen
I’ve still got part fourteen to do, which I’ll be starting today or tomorrow. There’s quite a lot of stitching in that. And then, finally, I can start Around the World as I’ll have the fabric. Sew and So are replacing the problem fabric for me. It’s in the post now so will probably arrive tomorrow.


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