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The Great Escape – part fourteen

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I’ve decided that I don’t like Van Dyke stitch. It’s not that it’s particularly hard to do. It’s not. It’s just hard to get the tension the same all the way down. Plus, the stitch sort of wiggles from side to side once it’s done so it just doesn’t look neat. I can’t get a consistently tidy finish to it and that annoys me.

This is what it looks like, in Crescent Colours Dark Chocolate.

The Great Escape - part fourteen
There was quite a lot of it to do, three rows in all, and the rows were split so had to be stopped and restarted as you have to have a special starter stitch at the top. Then there was the backstitch along the sides, and the backstitching that makes up the sign with a touch of cross stitch.

If you don’t look too closely at the wiggly and uneven bits of the Van Dyke stitch, it looks ok, so overall I’m quite happy with it. It’s made quite a difference to the picture now. The mouse that is trying to make his escape can now see which direction his home is, so he knows which way to run.

The Great Escape - part fourteen
Can’t wait to do a bit more to this. I wonder what we’ll be stitching next. Some more flowers perhaps? Or maybe a spider…


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