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Around the World SAL – finally started


I’ve only put a few stitches in this so far so there isn’t a progress photo to show but it has been started now and I hope to get part one finished this month so I can start May’s Cottage on time.

After all the problems with the fabric I’ve finally got some that I’m happy with. I can’t fault Sew and So for their customer service but after the second lot of Pearl Grey Brittney turned out to have white lines where the folds were too, I decided that I’d had enough of that particular fabric and chose a completely different one. I’m now using 28ct Jobelan in a colour called Bone. It’s a pinky-brown and it was quite tricky to decide if it would go with my thread choices just by looking at it online so it was a bit of a gamble.

With this in mind, and remember that at this point I was slightly cheesed off by the whole fabric saga, I also ordered a lovely pale pink that would definitely go. They came from different shops and both came the next day. I opened the pale pink one first and got a bit of a shock as it was a bright candy pink and completely unsuitable. You really couldn’t tell from the colours online. By this point I was convinced that the contents of the other package would be a sludgy green or quite possibly a pearl grey (nightmare!), but the Bone Jobelan was actually even nicer than I’d hoped and goes beautifully with the threads.

Around the World SAL - finally started
I’ve added the white to the threads now and taken out one of the blues. I’ve changed it for the sludgy yellow, which goes with the colour in the pink/yellow overdye. I’ve also changed one of the beads for a slightly paler one so they’re not so similar.

I’m getting used to wearing my new trolley needle while I stitch and it’s making life a lot easier. Hopefully I’ll be able to stitch a bit faster and more neatly once I get the hang of using it.


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2 thoughts on “Around the World SAL – finally started

  1. Sew and So are fab..I order and can go and pick up 10 minutes later…they’re only a mile down the road just along from PA! I only bought a cushion pad though…. Looking forward to seeing the finished SAL…whatever that is!


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