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Around the world – part one #2


I’ve now completed all of part one and I’m really pleased with it. It took a bit longer than I thought so if all of the parts are going to take this long it’s a good job that The Great Escape is almost finished. Hopefully now that I’ve got the hang of how to read the charts I won’t need quite so much time.

This is the second heart.

Around the world - part one #2
It has Lazy Daisy stitch down the centre just like the first heart, but this time it has ray stitch around it. I had to frog all the ray stitch after I’d finished the heart as I realised when I tried to line one of the other stitches up to it, that it wasn’t right. The top and bottom rays are placed into the same hole as the Lazy Daisy stitch, but the left and right ones are one stitch away from it. I hadn’t noticed that and had put them all in the same holes as the Lazy Daisy. I had one of those internal discussions where I tried to convince myself that no-one would notice. Unfortunately, the voice that kept saying that I would know it was wrong was the one that won, which was why it ended up being frogged. Let’s face it. It would have driven me nuts.

It does look a lot better now that it’s done properly. Lazy Daisy stitch, with Ray stitch.

Around the world - part one #2
Around the outside is some pretty backstitch and some nice simple Scotch stitch. I’ve done that one before so it was nice and quick to do. I used a very dark blue Threadworx for that.

Around the world - part one #2
In the centre is Lindisfarne stitch. That’s made up of three parts. The centre is done in the metallic thread. The main part of the stitch is in Gentle Art Highland Heather. I liked the effect of that as it was nice and subtle. It looked quite pretty but slightly bland compared to the first heart and then I added the backstitch outline. That really made it pop and made all the difference. That’s done in another of the Threadworx, a lovely deep pink.

Around the world - part one #2
The backstitch outline even made the metallic thread look more blingy. It was amazing just how different the whole heart looked once I’d added it.

Finally, here are the two hearts together. One part down, twenty-three to go.

Around the world - part one #2



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2 thoughts on “Around the world – part one #2

  1. Oh Carole this is absolutely beautiful…I wish I had joined in now, I really don’t need to sleep do I?


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