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Meeting Rachel Caine

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I’ve had a lovely Sunday afternoon. I spent it in a bookshop with my friend Heidi. We were in a queue for an hour to see Rachel Caine and had a nice chat while we waited. I can’t think of a nicer place to stand around waiting than being surrounded by all those lovely books. I was very good and only bought the one that I wanted signed. Mostly because I was enjoying chatting to Heidi so much. Had I been on my own, I’m sure I’d have succumbed to many more.

We were in Waterstones in Birmingham New Street and I’d like to say how well organised it was and how lovely the staff were. It’s the first book signing that I’ve been to in years appart from the informal ones that I’ve worked and I was pleasantly surprised at how smoothly it all went. It helped that we were there an hour before the author, as advised by the staff, so although we had to wait for the signing to start, once it did, we were near the front of the queue.

I’ve just snagged this photo from Twitter, taken by one of the Waterstones staff. You can see me and Heidi about a dozen people from the front. I’m wearing a cream jacket.

Meeting Rachel Caine
I bought the new Morganville Vampires book, Black Dawn, for Rachel to sign. I have all of her other books apart from a four book series which I’ll be getting soon. If they’d had that series in stock, and I did ask, I’d have bought a couple of those as well. R. Cat Conrad, Rachel’s husband is travelling with her and was doing artwork in people’s books if they bought three or more. He’s a well known fantasy artist and I’ve seen his work online. It’s amazing. I didn’t quite have the nerve to ask if I could get some artwork on the grounds that I already had all of the books though.

As it happened, we went up to the table together, me with my one book and Heidi with her two books. Cat immediately offered to do some artwork in one of them and Heidi generously offered to let me have it in mine.

Meeting Rachel Caine
Is that not incredible?? I am awestruck. That is in the back of my book! And in the front is Rachel Caine’s autograph. Wow.

They were both so lovely. While Cat was doing the drawing, Rachel was autographing, and we were getting our photos taken, we were chatting away. I asked about a new book that she’d been hinting about and she told us quite a bit about it. It sounds really exciting.

We’d both taken our cameras so we took each others photos.

Meeting Rachel Caine
It was well worth standing for so long to meet Rachel, and Cat was lovely too. I’m chuffed to bits with my artwork and it was great to have some time to chat with Heidi.


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One thought on “Meeting Rachel Caine

  1. How lovely – I’ve only been to one signing myself but it was a real treat. I finished all of thos weather warden books last week, enjoyed them too 🙂


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