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The Great Escape – part sixteen

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This part consisted of some more flowers and some stems. The flowers were simple enough. They’re just Eyelet stitch worked around in a square, leaving a square empty in the centre. I’ll be putting beads in there once it’s all finished. After doing several variations on both Eyelet stitch and Ray stitch for the first part of Around the World, this posed no problems at all.

The Great Escape - part sixteen
For the flowers I used one of the off-whites that I’ve used for the other flowers. The green is the same one used for the stems at the bottom of the design. I’m trying to use as few colours as possible to keep it looking more like a night scene.

The stems were done in backstitch on the chart but Abi suggested several variations on that to make them stand out more. She gave instructions for a couple of types of whipped backstitch and also a thinner chain stitch. I decided to be a rebel though and got out my Jane Greenoff book to find something interesting, and ended up using stem stitch. I think it looks quite good and is another stitch that I hadn’t used before.

Not much left to do now. I’m guessing it’ll be the remaining flowers on the right side for the next part and the moon and stars for the final part.

The Great Escape - part sixteen

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One thought on “The Great Escape – part sixteen

  1. I like the stems! very interesting stitch


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