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May’s Cottage- almost finished


I’ve been stitching away so intently on this that I’ve almost forgotten to stop and take photos. I’ve just taken a break to upload a photo before doing the two borders. I’m keen to get this finished so I can get the next part of The Great Escape done as I printed that off yesterday and as I guessed, it’s the flowers, or rather the bush on the other side of the owl.

This is where I’m up to with the cottage at the moment.

May's Cottage- almost finished
I’ve done the right hand side to mirror the left side so the beehive and bee have been removed. I’ve also changed the colour of the birdhouse from pink to yellow as I’m not all that keen on the colour scheme for this one. The green is lovely and I like the yellow. The dark brown and white are fine and the other brown is nice enough, but I’m disappointed that there’s very little variegation to it. I don’t like the pink though and I could live without the two blue/greens. Mostly it’s the pink that’s bugging me so I’m going to change one of the flower colours in the border too.

I should get at least one border done today and maybe get a start on the other. There’s still no sign of the next part of Around the World for which I’m waiting very impatiently but if I can get this finished, and the next part of the Owl before that comes out, at least I’ll be able to dive straight into it.

In the meantime, must get on with my bee-less borders.


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2 thoughts on “May’s Cottage- almost finished

  1. It’s looking lovely – the pink is a little overpowering in this one isn’t it? I am just back from the pictures and have printed out part two of Around the World – I might get to looking at some thread colours tomorrow if I get a chance.


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