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May’s Cottage finally done


It seems to have taken ages to do these two borders considering I’ve left some bits off. All finished now though and I’m almost done on part seventeen of The Great Escape so I’ll be able to start the next part of Around the World soon. That’s if I can put my Kindle down, of course. I’m on a reading binge at the moment, having let my curiosity get the better of me on the current book craze that was intriguing me. Sigh. I never learn.

Still, some stitching has been done and this is the result.

As you can see it’s completely bee-less. There should have been four of the vile creatures in each border but I left two out and changed the colours in the other two to make them resemble oddly coloured butterflies. Or floating flowers, whichever you prefer. I was going to leave all of them out but would have had to change the spacing of the leaves to avoid an odd gap and didn’t realise that until I’d stitched most of one border. By then I just wanted to get it finished so I lobbed in the butterflies/floating flowers/whatevers  to fill in the gaps. They’ll do.

I also changed the pink border flowers to white to calm it all down a bit and I’m much happier with that. In hindsight, I should just have used a different shade of pink but I’ll know to do something before I start if I’m uneasy about the colours next time. Lesson learnt.

June’s Cottage is kitted up and ready to go and I like the colours much more than this one. It’s much fresher looking. I’m going to have fun with Around the World first though. Part two looks lovely.


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3 thoughts on “May’s Cottage finally done

  1. yeah, the ‘beeterflies’ look great


  2. Thank you Tree. Much appreciated, as I know how much you like the creatures *grin*
    Vibrant may be an understatement…


  3. oh hey it looks lovely and although it pains me to say this I will…you can’t tell the creatures are missing at all! The colours are rather vibrant in this one aren’t they.


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