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Firefly is finished


Once I’d got Firefly back out again, with only three of the characters left to do, I couldn’t resist finishing it off. I love it to bits, I really do. I can’t believe how they look so much like the characters when they also look like something from a very early console game.

Look at Jayne’s hat! It’s perfect. I love that hat.

Firefly is finished
So, with Shepherd Book, Kaylee and Jayne done, the chart was finished. I wanted to add one more thing though. I loved it as it was, but I felt some text would just be the cherry on top. I didn’t want to put something obvious like Firefly or Serenity so I went with something that would be obvious if you’re a fan of the show, but is probably meaningless otherwise.

Firefly is finished
All I need to do now is get it framed, and for now it’s joined the pile of unframed finishes in my ‘needs framing’ drawer. I may need a bigger drawer soon. Either that or some frames.

I’ve got several more of these Pixel People charts to do from Wee Little Stitches. I can’t help myself. Every time I go over there, I end up with one or two more. I’ve got The Big Bang Theory, a Harry Potter, The Eleven Doctors complete with Tardis, the Doctor’s Companions and my latest aquisition, which looks absolutely amazing, The Fellowship of the Ring. Must crack on with one of my SALs next though.


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2 thoughts on “Firefly is finished

  1. Looks fantastic! The quote makes it!


  2. It looks fantastic Carole – I think the quote really finishes it off. When are you starting the books? 😀


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