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Around the World – part two #2


The second Tulip is now finished which is good as I have part three waiting to be started. I’m much happier with this Tulip than I was the first one that I did. That’s probably because most of it was exactly the same as the other one so I had a much better idea what I was doing. The only differences were with the shape of the Mordvinian Star Stitch and the Hardanger, but the basic stitches for those were the same.

This is what the whole Tulip looks like. This one is mostly pinks with a bit of blue, so the opposite of the other one.

Around the World - part two #2
I’ve taken lots of close-up photos again, to show the different stitches. This one shows the two lower vines with the Swedish Split stitch, done in the two shades of pink, and the Divided Round Eyelet, which I love in that deep pink.

Around the World - part two #2
This is the other vine which has the Rice stich in the centre and the Danish Knots at either end. That’s eight pairs of those knots that I’ve done now, over the two Tulips and finally on the last set, I managed to do a nice tidy matching pair. I found it much easier to do the Danish Knots by doing the Ray stitches first, rather than afterwards, which is how I did them for the other Tulip.

Around the World - part two #2
I was much happier with the Queen stitch this time. I like it in the blue, and again I did the Ray stitch first and worked the Queen stitch around it.

Around the World - part two #2
I had a bit of a problem with the Mordvinian Star stitch. I got four of the blocks done and realised that I was one hole out so had to frog nearly all of it. In hindsight, I should have frogged all of it and started again with a fresh piece of thread as the Pearl #12 does not frog well. The part that I restitched doesn’t look pearly any more. Something to remember for another time. I rather like the middle of this one with the Pulled Square Eyelet and Cross Stitch.

Around the World - part two #2
And finally, the Hardanger. This is much the same as the Hardanger in the other Tulip, but in a different shape. I like doing this. It’s very easy, and very quick.

Around the World - part two #2
So that’s the central section all done now, and this is what it looks like.

Around the World - part two #2
There are lots of beads to go on this so I’m going to be very busy with it once the stitching is finished in a couple of years time. Part three looks really nice so I’m looking forward to getting on with that, but I’ve just started June’s Cottage and I want to finish that first. It’s a good incentive to get on with the cottage, eh?

The Great Escape has taken a back seat as I need some beads for it and I don’t want to place an order for just those. As soon as I need something else from one of the internet shops that I use, I’ll get those beads and finish that off.


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3 thoughts on “Around the World – part two #2

  1. Thank you so much for posting your close ups!!! Whenever I get confused I come and look at your pictures so I can know what to do. Your work is truly beautiful. And your photographs are really well taken. Way to go and keep up the good work!


  2. It’s looking fantasticCarole, I do love that deep pink that you’re using. Back to the cottage for me…


  3. That is so beautiful, you must be so patient as well as talented.


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