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I waved at the Olympic torch this morning


It’s not every day you can say that really, but when it’s practically going past the end of your road it seems rude not to.

Considering it was at 7am on a Sunday morning there was a surprisingly large turn out too. Apparently I wasn’t the only person who thought that way. I’d been watching the live feed since it left the city centre at 6am so I knew when to leave the house. Crafty, eh? There had been people all along the route but I still didn’t expect to see so many people when I got around the corner. This is the view looking down the route while I was waiting.

I waved at the Olympic torch this morning
There were hoards more people lining both sides of the road behind me. Didn’t we have a gloriously sunny morning for it? After the soggy start to the day they’ve had on some occasions I thought we were quite lucky. It was still a bit chilly though.

The first signs of the relay arrived shortly after I did in the form of this.

I waved at the Olympic torch this morning
I didn’t expect there to be so much to the parade. There were many more vehicles than I’d realised. I was handed a flag by someone on a Cola bus, waved at by someone on another bus and wished a good morning by a policeman on another. It was a rather jolly atmosphere. One of the buses had a message on the front informing us that the Olympic torch was just 6 minutes away. Exciting, no? I didn’t get a photo of the 6 minutes bus, but the Cola bus was too interesting not to.

I waved at the Olympic torch this morning
And after all, they did give me a flag…

You could hear the torch coming from quite a distance with all the cheering and horn tooting. Once it arrived though it was gone in a flash. Our runner was number 18 and he was quite speedy. As there were so many people I couldn’t get a front on picture so I had to rely on trying to get a snap as he sped past. It’s not brilliant but at least I got his head in, and the all important torch. (although one of his feet is partly missing)

I waved at the Olympic torch this morning
I’m not sure I like the way the chap in grey is looking at me. I wasn’t doing anything. Honest. I was standing on the kerb, just like I was told. Gulp.

Oh, and the torch is lit although the bright sunshine (not a phrase we’ve heard much this year) has made it look as if it isn’t.

I made a hasty exit once I’d got this photo to avoid being trampled by the crowd, half of whom were also exiting. The other half were running alongside the torch and I was quite keen to avoid them.

So, twenty minutes standing on the side of the road to see a chap in white flash by with a torch held high. Was it worth it? Oh yes. It’s one of those once in a lifetime things, isn’t it. And what was rather fun, was that once I got back to the house, I was able to rewind the live feed and watch myself taking that photo of the runner.

How cool is that!?


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4 thoughts on “I waved at the Olympic torch this morning

  1. fancy seeing yourself on the tele – how cool! It went through here at the start of last month, quite exciting.


  2. I really love that you had the idea of checking that live feed because I wouldn’t have occurred to me


  3. How neat is that seeing yourself on the live feed rewind.


  4. I particularly love the bit where you rewound the live feed!
    We went to see it a few weeks ago and I really enjoyed it, although our ‘runner’ was a bit of a disappointment.
    I never thought to try and see myself on the live feed though.


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