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June’s Cottage

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I’ve faced my nemesis with this one. There were French knots. Far too many French knots to ignore and replace with the odd wee cross stitch. No, I had to stop being such a wimp and just get on with it. There were French knots on the Ladybirds, and knots on the strawberries. You may notice that there are several Ladybirds and a lot of strawberries.

I attempted to do the knots by myself and failed miserably, of course. Why on earth I thought I’d suddenly and miraculously be able to do them, I have no idea. Yes, I do know I managed a while ago, but I’ve slept since then and I have the memory span of a goldfish when it comes to these things.

So, I resorted to watching the rather thorough how-to video on one of the cross stitch magazine websites. I say thorough because at one point I was having the urge to yell at it to ‘get on with it’. I shouldn’t complain though as by the end of it I think it was indelibly imprinted on my brain, and my eyelids, how to do French knots. I’m not saying mine are perfect, or even neat and tidy, but they are definitely knots. Look!

Strawberry seeds. Oh yes indeedy. This is what the finished strawberry coloured design looks like.

I’m a bit ashamed that June’s Cottage has only just been finished and we’re in the second week of July. I’ve got a bit behind due to this problem with my thumb. I’m still having to limit my stitching time quite a bit but I’ve found a couple of solutions that seem to be helping. I’ve got a Thumb Glove that restricts the movement of my thumb while stitching, and also supports it. I’m using an Ibuprofen gel on the thumb. I’m also trying a different type of needle that was recommended for this problem. It’s two ended so you don’t have to turn it, so you don’t get as much thumb movement. It’s threaded in the centre and is taking me some time to get used to, but will apparently speed up my stitching once I do. One thing I have learnt very quickly. It’s not a good idea to put it in my mouth like I do my normal needles. Both ends are sharp…


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One thought on “June’s Cottage

  1. It’s beautiful Carole – I think your French knots are coming along a treat. I’ve got a packet of those double ended needles somewhere that somebody gave to me – I put them away as I found them rather scary at the time! It will be interesting to hear if they help with the thumb problem though…so long as they don’t end up giving you a lacerated mouth 😮


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