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A dilemma with July’s Cottage


I have no idea what I’m going to do with this one. It’s a lovely design. I really like the colours, especially as there are five different variegated threads. Yum. The fireworks are pretty and would make a pleasant change from birds and flowers and a flagpole would be nice instead of a tree or vine. The problem is that this is quite definitely a Fourth of July design and we don’t celebrate that in the UK. So, what do I do? I could change it to something more British, but once I’d started thinking about doing that, it got rather complicated and I think I’d end up by changing several of the colours too. Or, I could just go with the flow and do a nice Fourth of July Cottage.

Oh, what to do, what to do…
I’ve made a start on the roof while I’m thinking about it, as that’ll stay the same no matter what. I haven’t managed to do a great deal of stitching over the past two weeks though, as I’ve pretty much had wall to wall migraines. And the flu. I’ve been feeling a bit sorry for myself, I’m afraid to say. In fact, I know I’ve been unwell as I’ve had a large bar of Cadbury’s fruit and nut in the fridge for two weeks. Untouched. There must be something wrong with me if that’s still intact! *grin*

I finished off part three of Around the World a couple of weeks ago but I haven’t yet taken a photo as there’s a wee problem with it. I’ve made an error in it that means frogging quite a lot of it if I want it to be right. I’m considering leaving it as it looks ok-ish and probably no-one would notice the error, but I just know it would bug me. And as this is a project that’s going to take two years to complete, should I really begrudge it a couple of days to redo that section? Sigh. I’m going to have to frog it, aren’t I?


Ah well. It’ll give me some more time to think about what to do about that Cottage.


Author: Carole

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3 thoughts on “A dilemma with July’s Cottage

  1. You could change it to a flag with the Olympic rings


  2. I’m changing the flag to a union jack – there are some small flags in Cross Stitcher 255 and the Union Jack is 16 stitches wide by 10 stitches tall. The flag on the July cottage is 15 stitches by 9 stitches – might just get away with it with a bit of fiddling or maybe even no fiddling at all! I might leave the fireworks, I quite like those but I’m not sure about the star on the cottage, that might have to go! Hope that frogging goes quickly.


  3. Change the Stars & Stripes to a Union flag in honour of the Olympics?


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