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Around the World – part three

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Finally! I actually finished this several weeks ago but I made a mistake with the Lazy Daisy stitches in ALL of the petals, which meant that the Ray stitches didn’t fit properly. What I should have done at that point was frog the Lazy Daisys and redo them but they’re one of the few stitches that I really don’t like doing so I convinced myself that it’d be ok. I sort of fudged the Ray stitches and made them smaller than they should have been and once it was all finished I told myself that you really wouldn’t know it was wrong unless you’d seen the chart. So, it was fine. It looked fine. It wasn’t a problem.

Only it was, you see. Because I knew it was wrong and it was bugging me. But because I’d now done not only all of the Lazy Daisy stitches, but all of the Ray stitch too, there was now loads to be frogged and redone so I wimped out and put it away and did most of July’s Cottage instead. Basically, I hid it and hoped it would look better in a few weeks.

I got it out again yesterday and it didn’t look better so I’ve just spent two days very reluctantly putting it right. I was more reluctant yesterday to be honest. Once the first two petals were done and I could see how much better they looked, I felt a lot better about doing them. And now they’re finished I’m feeling all virtuous about it. As you do.

This is what the four petalled section of part three looks like.

Around the World - part three
I did the centre section first, after the outline of course, and really enjoyed that. I’m loving working with the perle threads. The cross in the centre is just Satin Stitch but it looks really effective. Around that is Faggoting and inside that are four Buttonhole Wheels, which were a bit fiddly and aren’t very even. Pretty though.

Around the World - part three
This next pic is one of the offending petals. In the centre is a Point Russe, which looks lovely on the back because of the order in which you do the stitches. In the  point is a cluster of Pulled Square Eyelets and there’s a pale green vine in backstitch beneath the other stitches. Then you have the Lazy Daisys and the Ray stitches. The Lazy Daisys should have been done in two different colours, as well as the metallic ones that are on the ends, but because I used a variegated thread I just used the one. I didn’t want to use too many colours.

Around the World - part three
This is the other petal. It’s mostly the same but the point is different as it has Satin Stitch instead of the Pulled Eyelets, and the colour scheme is different. It has the beastly Lazy Daisys in it too.

Around the World - part three
That’s about it. I’m quite relieved to see the back of part three but it does all look rather nice now that I’ve finished it.

Around the World - part three
I’m just going to do the last bits on July’s Cottage, and then sew the beads on The Great Escape now that I finally have them and then I may just start a new project before doing part four of this. I’ve been kitting it up today but amazingly enough, I don’t seem to have any fabric that’s the right size, count and colour in my stash. Looks like I may have to go shopping. Drat 😉

(I know I really shouldn’t start anything else new. It’s my reward for finishing The Great Escape. That’s my excuse, and I’m sticking to it.)



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