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The Great Escape – Finished


Whoo hoo! It’s finally finished. It’s been ages since my last update on this. The reason is that in order to complete part eighteen, I needed beads. I thought I had some that were suitable but when I came to use them, they were just too large so I obviously needed to get some smaller ones. I knew which ones to order, as I’d bought some for the Around the World SAL and they were the right size, although the wrong colour. I’d have borrowed them otherwise. The problem was that I didn’t want to order just two tubes of beads, and pay postage on them, when I didn’t need anything else. I’d been waiting for August’s Cottage to become available to order at The Patchwork Rabbit, so I could pop the beads on that order. And once I’d got the beads, I then had to wait until I’d finished off July’s Cottage, and part three of Around the World.

So, with those out of the way, I finished off part eighteen which consisted of the moon, some stars and the part that needed the beads – some rather pretty moths.

The Great Escape - Finished
The moon is in a variation of Jessica stitch. I did try adding some blending filament but it didn’t look right so I just used standard thread. The stars are Star Eyelets and should be pulled stitches but I wanted a slightly fuller effect so I didn’t pull them. I used a silk thread to make them a bit shinier. The moths wings are a variation of Rhodes stitch with the antennae in backstitch.

All I had to do after doing one more moth and scattering the rest of the stars was to add beads to some of the flowers.

The Great Escape - Finished
There are three lots of flowers that have beads in them and once I’d got it figured out I managed to get all the beads the same way up. Good practice for Around the World as that has hundreds of beads in it.

This is what the finished piece looks like. It isn’t perfect but as it’s my first attempt at doing different stitches, I’m really pleased with it. And I do love that owl.

The Great Escape - Finished
I’d quite like to do some more on the Tree of Stitches now that this one is finished. Especially as I seem to be on a roll at the moment…


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4 thoughts on “The Great Escape – Finished

  1. Thanks!
    I’ve just spotted your FB share of the cottage. It’s nice and pumpkin-ey and orange. I like it 🙂
    I’m a bit worried about November’s now though…


  2. Fantastic job, it really does look fantastic. Did you see the cottage yet?


  3. It’s lovely Carole, I bet you’re dead proud of it now it’s finished & ‘beaded’. Love that moon xxx


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