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I’ve been promising myself a new start for a while and although I’ve got several projects kitted up, this one that I only bought recently has been calling to me. It’s a fairly simple one so I should be able to stitch it quite quickly I think. I bought the chart from PixyStitches on Etsy and have been gradually kitting it up over the past couple of weeks. All the threads are now on Stitchbows and installed in my rollup organiser. I love the colour palette.

I was sure I had some fabric in my stash that would be suitable. I  just needed a piece of 28ct white or off white that was large enough, or even a colour that all of the above threads would look good on. I had fabrics the right count but none long enough or wide enough. The ones the right size were 32 count and although I could probably have managed with those, they were really too dark in colour. I had no choice but to go shopping. Such a hardship.

I’ve been meaning to try a store that does hand dyed fabric for a while so I browsed the lovely colour choices, ordered and waited. The fabric arrived yesterday from Sparklies and it’s gorgeous. All marbled buttery yellows with the merest hints of green, on a creamy background.

It’s beautifully finished off with stitching to stop it fraying too. I was impressed with the email updates letting me know the order had been received, that my order was being dyed, was ready for dispatch, and then had been shipped. I’ll be using Sparklies again. It’s just a shame that I can’t manage to get a decent enough photo of that fabric so you can see how lovely it is. It’s just a bit paler than the one on the website here.

This is the design that I’m going to stitch on it. It’s a quote by Louisa M Alcott, the author of Little Women, and anyone who knows me will know how appropriate it is for me. It may also explain a lot…

This is just one of the many designs on Pixystitches that I was lusting after. I have a few more in my favourites that I intend to buy soon including a Harry Dresden quote, a Big Bang Theory quote, A Hobbits one and a gorgeous Doctor Who one. I had to do the books one first though. Isn’t it marvellous? And so me.


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2 thoughts on “Too fond of books

  1. I’ve been considering getting that quote as a tattoo for awhile now. I just don’t know where I want to put it


  2. Oh that is soooooooooooooo you chuck, it’s bostin. Hope you have great fun completing this. It’s right up your alley innit? xxxxxxxxxx


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