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August’s Cottage update #2

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I’ve been plodding along with this and thought it might be a good idea to stop and take a photo as I haven’t got much more to do.

I kept wanting to do just a little bit more before doing an update as I’m really enjoying this one. I love the bottom border as it’s so different to the others. All the other Cottages have the top and bottom border matching so this one was much more fun. I liked the windows on this one too.

All I have left to do are the bits either side of the Cottage. Two very leafy trees, two birds and a few shells. Hopefully it won’t take long and then I can start September.

It’s so odd typing now, you know. I can touch type after a fashion. Not very fast as I’m self-taught, but mostly accurate. I can rattle along quite normally on the desktop (Old Clunky) but I seem to have developed a different style on the laptop, because I was usually expecting it to turn itself off at random intervals whenever I tried to type. It’s a sort of furtive style with my fingers trying to sneak up on the keys. I hadn’t really noticed how odd it was until I no longer need to do it, having now sorted the problem out, and I’m finding slightly hard to stop doing it. Stealth typing 😉


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