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A whole row of books


After I finished October’s Cottage, I had planned to carry on with that Papillon SAL, but then I realised that I needed something to stitch that required a little less concentration. Out came the Book Quote one and I now have a finished row of books. Woot!

I just need to do the text on this now and it’s finished. I was quite keen to carry on and complete it but then November’s Cottage arrived and now that I’m up to date again with these, I decided to make a start on that straight away. I have to say that I’m not loving this one as much as the others, although I’m hoping that once I get a bit further into stitching it I’ll change my mind.

Changes this month? The turkey will have to go. I can’t be doing with turkeys in November. Other than that, I’ll be stitching it to the chart. I now have a cunning plan for what to do with all of these cottages and have just ordered some fabric from an Etsy shop – Patchworks Plus. Hopefully I’m not dreaming up finishing ideas that are beyond my crafting capabilities. We shall see.


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2 thoughts on “A whole row of books

  1. The books look great. I think November was spoiled by that turkey and the release of the simply beautiful December! it’ll be great once it’s done 🙂 I put a few stitches into a roof myself last night! I really need to investigate those stitch bow thingies.


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