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My first Honey Bun


I’ve been tempted into the delicious world of quilting fabrics by my good friend Tree. She’s a terrible influence on me, you know. These particular fabrics are to finish off the CCN Cottages that I’ve been stitching all year. I have a plan for them and if it comes out as nicely as it looks in my head, I shall be very happy indeed. I’m pretty sure that I’m over estimating my sewing abilities though, so this could be quite an adventure. Tree has been giving me lots of useful tips however so that will help a lot.

I ordered the fabric last Friday from an Etsy shop in the US, Patchworks Plus. The seller was extremely helpful and put together a custom order for me as she doesn’t list the yards of fabric as shipping overseas. I haven’t come across custom orders before and I was chuffed to bits with how easy it was. The reason I bought from Etsy is that I wanted the fabric in a Honey Bun (don’t you just love that name?), which is narrower than a Jelly Roll. I couldn’t find any in the UK and Etsy had several. The seller that I used had a great selection, good prices and was lovely to deal with. And one week later, it arrived.

Look, isn’t it pretty?

I chose two fairly plain fabrics that’ll be used to back the Cottages and one with a bit more pattern, but still plain-ish. I have vague ideas of making cushion covers with any left over fabric but we’ll see how we go with the Cottages first.

This is a closer look at the colours in the Honey Bun (still love that name!). The fabrics are all from the Sandhill Plums range by Kansas Troubles Quilters for Moda.

Sigh. Isn’t it gorgeous? I’ve already picked out the strip that I’m going to use with January but I must do some practise sewing on some scrap fabric first.


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3 thoughts on “My first Honey Bun

  1. Well done Tree, for leading our Carole further astray lol!!! That fabric is most lush chuck…..I’ll look forward to seeing it when I next pop down to Brum. I’m a complete lost cause to fabric…..I love the stuff & cant get enough of it. Happy sewing bab. xxxx


  2. Tee hee! Tree the enabler strikes again…enjoy!


  3. Yes, absolutely luscious – I see this as the start of something new 😀 so glad that my terrible influence is bearing fruit!


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