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November’s Cottage


I’ve been stitching away on this and somehow I’ve neglected to stop and take a half-time photo. I kept thinking I’d do just a little more, and a little more and now it’s too late as I seem to have finished it. Ooops. Apart from fiddling around with all of the different coloured leaves on the trees though, it didn’t take a lot of stitching. Especially as I evicted the turkey that should have been next to the cottage on the right side. I opted for more acorns instead. I don’t do turkeys in November.

I’m still not keen on the colour of the cottage itself, but I do like the leaf colours, especially the yellow shade. It has bits of red/orange running through it that make it perfect for late autumn leaves. I loved stitching with it.

Just December to do now and I’ve finished this one so early that I’ll probably have to wait a couple of weeks for that. While I’m waiting I’ll carry on with the Papillon SAL and maybe finish off the books quote one. That shouldn’t take long now with just that bit of text to do.

I can’t believe that the Cottage project is nearly finished. Good job I’ve got something new kitted up, ready to stitch in January.


Author: Carole

The books I read, the things I make, the places I go.

2 thoughts on “November’s Cottage

  1. It’s not one of the best designs is it? you’ve made a gorgeous job of it though – my turkey will be absent too!


  2. Beautiful stitching – can’t wait to see the whole piece!


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