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There. I said that wouldn’t take long. A couple of nights stitching, while watching TV, and here it is all finished.

All I have to do now is decide how I’m going to finish it. I don’t think I’m going to frame it. I think possibly, I may use it as a guinea pig and do that mini quilty thing that I have in mind for the Cottages. Then I can see if it works, if I can do it, and if I like the look of it once it’s done. Hmm, yeah. I think that’s a plan.

I rather enjoyed stitching this on that pretty Sparklies fabric so when they had a sale a couple of weeks ago on selected colours, I was very tempted. They do a size that’s perfect for doing Pixel People on as it’s fairly long and thin at 9″x13″. And as the fabric comes with the edges so nicely finished off, I don’t need to do anything to it before starting to stitch, other than a quick press.

So, the temptation was just too much. Pretty colours, perfect sizes and great prices.

From left to right we have Shades of Autumn, Autumn Glow and Pumpkin Patch. All 9″x13″ Lugana 28ct. Aren’t they lovely! Shades of Autumn is going to be used for one of the Pixel People charts that I have in my stash and the other two are going to be used for a couple of quote charts.

I just have to restrain myself from starting any of them before getting some more done on my existing projects.


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