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Around the World – part five


I’m getting slightly behind with this SAL now, more so than I’d realised. I thought I’d only got one small part and one large after this, but there’s yet another one to do besides those so three altogether. Yikes! Still, at least this section is finally done so at least I can say that I’ve picked it up again. I’ve really enjoyed it too. There’s still no sign of December’s cottage so I may be able to get the small part six done before I have to put it back down again.

This is what part five looks like done.

Not one of the largest sections but not one of the smallest either. No Hardanger style stitches in this and very little metallic either. Unfortunately there was some more Lazy daisy which is turning out to be my new French Knot. I didn’t have too many problems with it this time though and I do rather like the two different flowers that are made using it. They were slightly fiddly to do, using four colours and three stitches but the effect is pretty. I’ve only taken a close up of one of them as they were fairly similar.

There were two smaller stitches dotted about. One was a simple star stitch which I did in the very dark blue and the other one was an Asymmetrical Eyelet stitch for which I used the gorgeous deep pink. I really loved the way that turned out as you can just see the subtle shading. Great texture too.

In the centre are the stars that are made up of two versions of Plaited Slav stitch. The straight version is in the very centre. I love this and it was so easy to do.

It has some metallic cross stitches around it to bling it up a bit. The four stars around it are done in Diagonal Plaited Slav stitch. That was also easy but took just a fraction more concentration. I always find that when working on the diagonal though.
The green framework around the stars is made up of two stitches. In the close up below you can see Montenegrin stitch, which is used around the two stars on the right. The other stitch used was Croatian stitch around the stars on the left. On the photo above you can see the difference, just about. They were very similar but the Montenegrin was slightly more dense. Both took a lot of concentration to start with but once I’d done two or three of each, they were easy enough.

Sigh. I love that variegated blue. And there’s a bit more bling there too.

You couldn’t really tell how textured this section was from the first photo so I’ve taken another one at an angle.

That still doesn’t show how lovely that Plaited Slav stitch is but it gives a better idea. I’m really pleased with this part. All of the stitches turned out well but I’m a bit nervous about some of them ending up under the frame when I need to move the fabric around. I may have to be careful as I’m not sure how well those Eyelet stitches would spring back up.


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2 thoughts on “Around the World – part five

  1. Wow, it looks absolutely gorgeous – I like how your colours are playing together beautifully. I see where your reading time went now 😀


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