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Around the world – part six


Part six is finished! I said that wouldn’t take long. I quite enjoyed this with its lack of back stitch. I took the time to give the whole thing a quick press as I had the iron out for something else, so I’ve taken a photo of it while it doesn’t look too creased.

Growing nicely, isn’t it. This is a closer look at part six. It’s not very big but there are still several different stitches in there, some of which I’ve done before on The Great Escape.

06Completed031212I think my favourite stitch was the large Rhodes Square with the Modified Kloster Blocks around it. There are some metallic cross stitches to either side and there will be beads in there too once I put those in at the end. I love the jewel-like effect of the square.

06RhodesSquareThere were some more Kloster Blocks around the Pulled Square Eyelets. I like doing the Kloster blocks. Being in the chunky thread, they stitch up nice and quickly and there’s virtually no counting. Easy peasy. The pink stitches are Smyrna cross stitches. Also easy.

06PulledSquareEyeletI’m blaming the distinct lack of natural light at 3pm today for some of the photos not being as sharp as they could be. I take the photos on my desk by a large window and usually don’tΒ  have a problem. Today, it was just a bit too dark. Winter, eh.
There were a couple of stitches done in green. I rather liked these Fishbone leaf stitches.

06FishboneLeafThey took a bit of concentration but weren’t difficult. The dark blue blob is a Rhodes Berry stitch. The other green stitch is Open Cretan stitch and this nearly drove me nuts. I couldn’t figure out where to start it from the diagram and chart. In the end I just dived in and hoped it worked out in the right place. Luckily it did.

06OpenCretanstitchThe pink is a Star stitch, and the small blue blob is a Partial Rhodes stitch. Apart from the problem of finding where to start off the Cretan stitch, the only other one to give me any problems was the Butterfly Eyelet stitch. Again, I just couldn’t figure out where to start it off. I was turning the charts around to try to line them up with the way the butterfly was sitting as it just wouldn’t make sense but suddenly it clicked and then it was easy enough.

06ButterflyEyeletStill no sign of December’s cottage being available for order so on with part seven.


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11 thoughts on “Around the world – part six

  1. This is beautiful! I am so impressed!


  2. It’s looking absolutely wonderful. I think I’ll give mine some attention over the Christmas holidays.


  3. its very pretty – is it a chart or are you making it up as you go along?


  4. Just beautiful stitching. Have you tried Scarlet Quince’s fine art cross stitch: they are certainly a challenge! http://www.scarletquince.com


    • Thank you πŸ™‚
      I do like some of the Scarlet Quince designs, but I just wouldn’t have the patience to finish one. I like smaller pieces or SALs, so I get a finish fairly quickly. I do enjoy seeing lots of my friends stitch the larger and more complex designs though, over on the Cross Stitch forums.


  5. It is gorgeous Carole, somehow I have missed this, so much more interesting than just cross stitch, I got bored with that but would love this. I presume you get the pattern each month so don’t know the overall look yet? show us progress next month! Fiona x


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