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Around the World – part seven

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I finished another section of this at the weekend while I was watching Strictly Come Dancing. I’ve never watched it before, but seem to have got slightly addicted to it this time around. Bizarre, as I know nothing about dancing. Good for stitching to though.

The finished bit.

07Completed151212It’s a big one, eh? Lots of stitches too, so plenty of photos coming up. Once I’d got the outside cross stitch and the medium green backstitched vine done,  I did the centre. I was itching to do that as I’m loving using the thicker threads.

It uses four stitches. In the centre is a large Pulled Square Eyelet. Working out from that there is some Satin Stitch. Around that is Whipped Backstitch, which I loved doing. It looks so much nicer than plain backstitch. Then around the edges is Petite four-sided stitch. Here’s a close up of just one side of it so you can see the stitches better.


Once I’d finished the centre, I tackled the other two green stitches. Then came the pretty bits.I didn’t want to do the colours as randomly as in the design, especially looking at how I’d done them in the other four-petalled shape at the top of the piece, so I’ve done them a bit more, umm logically. Two of the petals are pinks with some blues, and the other two are blues with some pinks. That way the petals mirror each other.

This is a close up of the blue petal, with pink highlights.

07BluePetalAll the close-ups of the individual stitches are from the pink petals so you can see the differences. The large stitch in the centre of each petal is a Maltese Cross. It’s done in two parts. First the base is stitched with some threads going under others and then another thread is woven around it. It was easy to do and I think it looks really pretty, especially as the base is done in the metallic.

07MalteseCrossIn the points of the petals are some Lazy Daisy stitches but the new stitches to me are the green ones which the blue Petite Rays are fanned out from. They got a bit distorted once the Rays were stitched but they still look effective. They’re Turkish three-sided triangular stitches.

07PetiteRayStitchThe other green stitch is a Fly stitch and it’s used to support the Queen stitch. I made a mistake and did the first Queen stitch in two strands and thought it looked too bulky. On checking the instructions, I realised why. It should be done in one strand. It looked much better once I changed it.

07QueenStitchSeveral new stitches in there for me, as well as some that I’ve done before. I rather enjoyed doing this part and it didn’t take as much time as I thought it would. Part nine should be released any day now but I’m going to do the final Cottage before I do part eight and get completely caught up. I made a start on the Cottage last night. Just a few stitches, but it is a start. I’m going to enjoy this last one. It really is a lovely design.



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