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Around the world in 80 stitches – part 8


I finished the latest part of this just before the end of the year, which means that I’m now completely up to date with it. Phew! This was a fairly quick one to stitch with two small sections. I’d done some of the stitches before, but there were some lovely new ones to play with.

08Completed301212In the rounded section to the left, there were some Lazy Daisy stitches. They’re still not my favourite stitch as I dislike the fact that I can’t get them perfectly even, but these will do. There are several Rice stitches scattered throughout the two sections, one of which can be seen in the top right of the photo below. The pale green stitch is one of the new ones and is Mossoul stitch. I liked that one.

08MossoulStitchIn the centre of that section is a Divided Round Eyelet – the blue stitch. To either side are Damask stitches in the paler pink. More new ones. Above and below are the Diagonal Feather stitches in the pale green with Partial Ray stitches coming off them in the gorgeous deep pink. That and the blue of the Divided Eyelet are definitely my favourite threads in this.

08DamaskStitchSo far so good as all the stitches had been easy and had gone well. Then I came to the other section and encountered the Feather stitch. It just didn’t seem to work out as well as the Diagonal version. I couldn’t figure out exactly where I was stitching and I’m sure the placement isn’t perfect. It’s close enough though. The blue stitches are Rhodes Ovals. I do like doing Rhodes stitches as they add such a lovely texture.

08FeatherStitchAlso in this section is a Diagonal Mossoul stitch in the green, with a different version of Damask stitch in the centre. Inside the Damask stitch is a Rhodes Square. There are also some more Partial Rays scattered about.

08DiagonalMossoulStitchAnd in the pointy bit of that section, there’s one of the Pinwheel stitches. They were a bit of a faff, as they used three steps to make one small stitch, but once I’d got the section completed, I rather liked the effect.

08PinwheelStitchI’ve made a start on Around the world in 80 days now. This could get so confusing with the two projects having such similar names. Must make sure not to just refer to either of them as Around the world any more.


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10 thoughts on “Around the world in 80 stitches – part 8

  1. It’s looking wonderful – reminds me of a garden.


  2. Stunning stitching!


  3. This is beautiful! So many great ideas. I love the colours you use too.


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