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Outrageous Owls – Jan update


This is my week two project and amazingly enough was started more or less on schedule last week. I’ve stitched on it for about a week now and have reached a good point to stop and put it away until next month. Reluctantly. I’ve enjoyed this one.

I started in the centre and did the tweedy looking Owl first. Here he is before adding backstitch. Yup, I was so chuffed to have completed one Owl that I stopped to take a photo.

OAJan01I’m not the biggest fan of doing backstitch so I thought I’d do it as I went along otherwise I’d have loads to do at the end, and that’d be a pain. So, as I don’t like backstitching anything that’s still got to have cross stitching next to it, I needed to do his bit of branch first, and that meant I might as well do the leaves too. Then the backstitch, or as much of it as I could at this stage.

OAJan02Isn’t he cute? The backstitch wasn’t bad to do at all. I actually didn’t mind it. I still had plenty of week left so I started on the next Owl, after carrying on with that branch a bit more. I couldn’t help it. It had threads parked and needed to be continued.

This is where I’m up to now. Two completed Owls, apart from one teeny bit of backstitch, and a length of branch waiting invitingly for the next Owl.

OAJan03It’s just had a quick press before being put away until February, and my week three project is out and ready. I’m reading Bernie Ecclestone’s bio at the moment, and that’s making me feel all Formula One-ish, so I’ve fished out my Hamilton/McLaren stitch with the intention of doing as much as I can on that. With a bit of luck I’ll get interested enough in it to want to finish it over the next few months.


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3 thoughts on “Outrageous Owls – Jan update

  1. where did you find the pattern for this?


  2. oh yes, they’re looking beautiful – I stitched the branch as I went along too, I was so excited to stitch the pretty owls that I couldn’t quite bring myself to sit and stitch the entire branch beforehand!


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