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My To Be Read shelves are getting a bit out of control. I don’t like it when there are books sitting on top of books. I like them all lined up neatly, in the proper order. At the moment they’re not neat, not lined up, and most definitely not in the proper order. There are books everywhere. I read quite a few books last year but the problem is that I read almost half of them from the library or on the Kindle. That didn’t help the TBR pile, especially as I didn’t seem to slow down on buying them. I just can’t seem to walk past a second-hand book shop. (Actually, I’m pretty sure that’s illegal.)

Just look at the state of this bookshelf. All of these are To Be Read.


It really is a mess, and it’s overflowing. The slim bookcase to the right of it houses the 1001 list books. The lower three shelves are the ones that I’ve read. The top three shelves are more TBRs.


There are some lovely chunky books there. On the other side of the room is the Classic section and there are quite a few TBRs there too, as it’s easier to house them over there as most of them are in collections, or are old and fragile.

The plan this year is to read more books from that TBR pile than I add to it. You’d think that’d be easy, right? Just read more real books than Kindle books. Go to the library less. And don’t buy any. Simple.

So far I’ve fell down on reading Kindle books. It’s just so convenient sometimes. Plus, I may have had a few mishaps during the Twelve days of Kindle sale. *cough*

I had up until Saturday avoided the library. That’s only because the online ordering system had been down for weeks so I’ve been unable to order the books that I wanted, and no new ones have been added. It’s just come back online now though, and not only did I have a book waiting, which I’ve collected, I immediately added six to my reservations list. I had to. The whole system has had an upgrade and I needed to have a play with it. The new search is much faster. I can see I’m going to  have fun with that. Oh, wait. I’m not supposed to be doing that…

And then there’s the buying books thing. I may have bought one or two. You see there’s a series I’ve fancied trying for a while. It’s a cosy mystery to do with sewing so I’ve bought the first three from Amazon Marketplace for 1p. Then when I was blog hopping I read a review about a book in a series that sounded like something I’d love, so I bought the first one. Again on the Marketplace for 1p. I do love Amazon. Oh, and then there was the one that arrived this morning that I’ve had on pre-order for months, ever since I read a review on someone’s blog. I’m so easily tempted when it comes to books.

Look at my lovely stash though.

JanBooksThere’s the small matter of where I’m going to put them, but I have a cunning plan. I’ve already read two of them and the other three can squeeze into my bedside drawer.

I’m a bit worried that there may not be enough space in the drawer though. I suspect that there may already be several books in there.


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2 thoughts on “This was not the plan

  1. *cough*……yes well I do agree with Tree……it looks a very healthy mountain of deliciousness to me! I have a similar problem as I have books down here at the flat as well as a huge mountain back home too…..ooh err. Psssst, dont tell but I hide mine in my wardrobe too as well as on shelves. Eeek


  2. oh that is a very healthy looking Mountain isn’t it – lovely 😀 I like the little pile in the last pic too. The Kindle is lethal – so lethal in fact that when I started back on the Benni books Catherine remarked that it was quite a while since she had seen me holding an actual book 😮 she’s one to talk though – I think she is attached to her Kindle via an umbilical cord!


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