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Song of the Weather – January #2

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I liked stitching January’s Hardanger SAL. In fact, I liked it so much that when I woke one morning and thought to myself that it would make a marvellous birthday card for a certain friend, I immediately went online and got more perles to do another one. Well, I couldn’t possibly do it in the same colour, could I? She’d seen that one.

The friend for whom the card was intended has received it now, so it’s safe to post it on here. What I found amusing is that after I’d stitched it, I found out that I’d picked almost the same colours to Tree’s Song of the Weather. Where Tree used pink DMC 600 and 605, I used 600 and 604. We did use different neutrals though. I knew Tree was using pink but how odd that we’d pick from the same range – the Cranberries.

This is my version. I used Week’s Dye Works Whitewash for my neutral colour. It has a variegation to it, cream to a pinky-brown. Very pretty.

01Jan2Then I made it into a card. I haven’t done any papercrafts for over a year so it was quite nice to get all my toys tools and stash out. I used my Cuttlebug to cut a shaped aperture in some card. If I’m going to make a habit of this, I obviously need more square-ish dies as I only just had one large enough.

Next I used double-sided tape to attach the Hardanger. Then I wrapped some ribbon around the front, pushing it through a slit in the side, and placed a layer of batting over the ribbon and Hardanger. Then finally some card to cover all that up. There’s a bow both front and back.

01Jan2CardI really enjoyed making it so I’m hopeful that my interest in papercrafts may be returning. This is the first card that I’ve made with stitching in it and I’m pleased with how it made up, even if it is more labour intensive.

Oh, and my friend liked it, so I’m pleased about that too.


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