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Outrageous Owls – Feb update

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I’m very happy to have stitched another two owls during the past week and have really enjoyed doing so. Both owls are in colours that I particularly like and I thought it was rather appropriate that I finished stitching the pink owl with the heart pattern on it during Valentine’s day.

These are the two latest additions, which I’ve christened Blueberry and Cranberry.

OAFeb01That makes me two-thirds of the way through now so I’m confident of finishing this next month with the last two owls and the last bit of branch. I’m so chuffed at how quickly and easily this is stitching up and how much fun it is to do.

This is what the whole thing looks like now.

OAFeb02Aren’t they adorable? I’ve started back on the Formula One project now and am happily stitching away at the front spoiler on that McLaren. That isn’t coming on quite so quickly but I am seeing progress and more importantly, I’m loving it.


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One thought on “Outrageous Owls – Feb update

  1. They’re a treat to stitch aren’t they? I love these two – the one winking and the other one flying off! Great names for them too 😀


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