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A little bit of Crochet


So I know I really don’t need another project, but I just fancied doing a bit of crochet. I keep seeing all these lovely granny squares and blankets and hats and scarves, all on Pinterest and Facebook. Also, I have this lovely hank of yarn under my desk that’s been calling to me for a while, just waiting for the right project to use it on.

Then I found the ASIS – the Artfully Simple Infinity Scarf. I first saw it on Pinterest, then on Ravelry and finally tracked down the pattern on the Moogly blog. It’s a very simple pattern but looks so effective in the photos. I’m hoping mine comes out as nicely. I’m also hoping my yarn works ok with it.

This is my yarn and the printed pattern.

ASISstashI have no idea what the yarn is. I bought it at Sewing for Pleasure a couple of years ago and it came just as you see it. No label or tag to say what it is. It’s very pretty, with loops on it and it feels nice and soft. It was on a special offer and I fell in love with it so bought it without knowing what I wanted it for. I’m quite pleased to have finally found it a project.

I haven’t done any crocheting for ages, so wish me luck. I’m sure it must be like riding a bike.


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5 thoughts on “A little bit of Crochet

  1. Lovely yarn. I like the colours.:-)


  2. I can’t wait to see this – that wool is lovely. Tempting, very tempting but I have the socks to finish off, hmmm!


  3. Ooooh, yes I’ve seen this pattern too & wondered if a complete crocher virgin could manage it!! It looks fabulous chuck…………let us see the pics when you’ve finished it wont you? Good luck. x


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