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McLaren/Hamilton – Feb update


After the fun I had with the Owls it was time to pick up one of my older, slightly abandoned pieces again. I decided to carry on with this one as I’d quite like to see it finished and last month I seemed to have got some enthusiasm back for it. I felt that I didn’t make much progress last month as it didn’t look as if I’d got a lot done. Much of it was confetti so it did take a while but it also took some time to get back into it.

This month I can really see some progress. There are four pages to this design and now the top left page is complete and I’ve now almost finished the bottom left. I gave it a couple of extra days as I wanted to get that page done but with only a few days left in the month, I do need to start on the Papillon SAL now. Still, it won’t take long to finish off that page next month and get quite a way into the top right page as part of that is already done.

This is how it looks now.

Hamilton250213Most of what’s left to do on the bottom left page is one shade of red, which is what I was doing when I stopped, hence the few half crosses. I’d have quite happily carried on with this for a while longer but then I do want to do the latest bit of the SAL too. So many projects, so little time, eh?



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2 thoughts on “McLaren/Hamilton – Feb update

  1. oh this is really coming on a treat now – is the picture just of the car or is there something else to the side?


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