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January’s Cottage – framed


It’s taken me a while to start finishing off these monthly cottages but I’ve finally made a start. I bought the fabric a while ago and tested it on a different project. I’ve done this one slightly differently based on what I learnt from the first one.

This time I started by ironing interfacing onto the back of the trimmed cottage to firm it up a little. I also just stitched one of the ends of the hanger into the top, and left the other end free. Then I sewed poppers on it so that it’s easier to fasten to the pole without taking everything off, and it was also easier to assemble as it wasn’t so thick.

The thing that’s got me finally working on these is that I finally have something to  hang them on. I have two poles on the wall with plenty of room on them for all twelve cottages plus maybe a couple of other projects. The poles look a bit bare so that was my incentive to get the fabric out.

I’m using a Honey Bun plus some yardage from the Sandhill Plums range by Kansas Troubles. The colours are lovely muted blues, browns and greens and go very nicely with the cottages.

This is the fabric that I chose for January’s cottage, all cut and ready to go.

01Wfabric01Once the cross stitch was backed with interfacing I did much the same as I did with the first one. I sewed the short strips to the top and bottom and then added the side pieces. Then I attached the back, sandwiching the hangers in as I went. I left a nice big gap at the bottom to turn it the right way out. Once it was turned I slipped the batting inside and  slip stitched the bottom closed. Then I just had to sew on the poppers. This is what it looks like from the back.

01Wfabric02Although I was pleased with the first one that I did, I’m glad I practised on something that didn’t matter quite as much as this one came out much better. It’s slightly more rigid thanks to the interfacing and my stitching was neater. Considering that the most adventurous thing I’d done with my sewing machine before this was turning up some curtains, I’m happy with the way these are turning out.

This is what January looks like on its pole. I think it may need some company soon so I’d better get sewing again.



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3 thoughts on “January’s Cottage – framed

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  2. Love your January Cottage. Hanging them on the pole is a wonderful way to display them. I really like it.


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