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Finally, Cold Days is in my hands

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I finished my book this morning. Ok, so I started it this morning too, but it was just too good to put down. After reading the last page, I felt the urge to check my email. All morning without any internet was starting to make me twitchy. I spotted an email from the library letting me know that I had a book waiting, and happily it was one that I’ve been really looking forward to. I already had two waiting and meant to go up tomorrow to get them. Knowing that Cold Days was waiting for me too, meant that I needed to go up there straight away.

Look! Book stash.

libraryhaul080313I’ve been waiting impatiently for Cold Days since last November so I’m planning on reading that one first.


Author: Carole

The books I read, the things I make, the places I go.

One thought on “Finally, Cold Days is in my hands

  1. Thank goodness, it was bad enough waiting for John to get to the end of it so I could discuss with somebody but this library delay has been a killer! It’s been quite an exercise in not letting any spoilers slip! I’ll look forward to a report on the Ishiguro, I was thinking that I fancied reading another one of his books.


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