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Outrageous Owls – March update


The final two owls have been stitched! I’ve named them Sleepy and Bashful.

OAMar01I loved stitching Sleepy with his autumn colours. His was a very easy pattern to do. Bashful  however, was rather fiddly. There are three shades of purple and three shades of jade in him so he took a bit longer to do than the others. I do like  him now that he’s done though.

I’ve really enjoyed stitching these owls. Each individual owl felt like a finish so it was very exciting to complete each one. I love how cute they are and I love the colours in it. A huge thank you to Tree for letting me have the chart and threads to do it.

This is the finished piece.

OAMar02I think I like Cranberry owl the best, followed by Sleepy, but they’re all lovely. There’s just something about owls.

Finishing this leaves a gap in my rotation for the second week of the month. Never fear,  I already have something slotted into my project bag and it’s all ready to go.

FSBstash01Isn’t it beautiful! I can’t wait to get cracking on it.


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20 thoughts on “Outrageous Owls – March update

  1. Love your owls on the tree branch….m keen on cross stitch n m wondering if I could get a copy of then using 9count stitch….what would the length n height b? Can I purchase a copy of the pattern as well?


  2. I love owls. My favorite above is the winking owl. I’ve got a unique bottle opener owl that I bought at a Greek festival many years ago. It looks jewel encrusted but it’s carved and painted. It’s so pretty, it’s not in a drawer, it’s hanging up! I’ve got another set of owls that were a gift. They are metal and are in a grouping of metal trees hanging on a wall. Then, many, many years ago, I sculpted a winking owl on a log and gave it away. Thank you for the follow. I am following you too! Nice work by the way. I like to listen to audiobooks but I need something to do with my hands. I was thinking of knitting or crocheting but maybe embroidery is the way to go. I hadn’t thought of it until now! Thank you!


    • I do like owls too. I’ve got a lovely ceramic ornament that looks as if it’s knitted. A friend bought it for me for my Birthday and it’s really pretty.
      Embroidery is a great way to keep your hands occupied but it can be addictive 🙂


      • Well, I’m already addicted to audiobooks so I might as well do something constructive while I’m listening!


        • I did start embroidering. Unfortunately I selected a pattern that is going to make me blind before I finish it. (No wonder it was on sale.) It was such a pretty picture and of course, with little experience in this, if any, I didn’t realize I’d need a magnifying glass to work on it. I did also select a larger one too, but I could be 99 years old by the time I finish the first one! Ha!


          • If you have a large project on the go, I find it helps to have smaller ones to do in between sessions on the large one. You get quick finishes then and the large project doesn’t seem quite so huge.


            • I haven’t been listening to any audiobooks recently because I’ve been gathering up information for other projects I’ve been working on – so the embroidery has been on hold. The nice thing about it is that I can go back to it anytime. I think I’d also prefer to do it in the winter because I have to have a strong light to see the teeny squares and the light throws off heat which I don’t want in the warmer months! It’s great when the weather gets cold which will be soon enough! I’m not in any rush to finish either of my projects and I’d like to finish the one I started because if I start the other one and find it’s so much easier because the boxes are bigger, then I’m afraid I won’t go back to the smaller one! Thanks for the tip though!


  3. Beautiful, so glad you enjoyed this, it really is a pleasure to stitch.


  4. Oh that is just gorgeous! Owls are still so popular right now. This makes me want to learn to cross-stitch. Thanks for sharing at Hookin On Hump Day!


  5. These owls are sooooo cute! Fantastic colours too 🙂


  6. super cute! I love owls! I like the different patterns of their bodies.


  7. The owls are adorable! Your new project looks so pretty too. Can’t wait to see your progress on it.


  8. *gasp!* I love the owls! They are so adorable, and you’ve worked them so nicely. Who is the designer of this piece?

    Congrats on the finish!


  9. They’re so cute! I love owls. 😀


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