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February’s Cottage – framed



January looked lonely swinging on that pole all on its own so I sorted out the fabric for February. It’s the same range – Sandhill Plums by Kansas Troubles, but to match the colours in February I chose the brown strip from the Honey Bun with the matching yardage to back it.

02Wfabric01I followed the same procedure as I did for January’s cottage and it turned out just as nicely. I do like it with the brown fabric. It matches those little flower pots so well.

This is the back. I used the plastic poppers to fasten the hangers again. I like that technique. It’s much easier to make and it’s also easier to attach to the pole. I think this one may be slightly wonky but it’ll be easy enough to move one of the poppers down a bit.


And this is what it looks like hanging next to January. Next up is March which is mostly greens.



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4 thoughts on “February’s Cottage – framed

  1. Looks lovely – those fabric are working out so well colourwise aren’t they?


  2. What a cute finish! The set will look great.


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