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March’s cottage – framed


I used the dark green fabric to frame March, as none of the other colours really looked good. I’m not sure it’s the best shade of green to match the greens in the cottage, but it looks ok. This one went quicker than the other two. I’m getting into a rhythm, I think.

This is the finished March Cottage.

03Wfabric01I used some of the pretty buttons that I got at the NEC. I’d have put them nearer to the corners but there was a bit on one of the seams that needed covering up. I may have tried to be too economical with the fabric strip used for the front of the frame. Instead of cutting off the end with the tiny holes in, I used it all and it showed slightly. I’ve got more buttons that are intended for February and January but I haven’t attached them yet.

These are the ones that I’ve completed so far hanging on the rail.

03Wfabric02Three down, nine to go.


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12 thoughts on “March’s cottage – framed

  1. I love the different months! They’re so beautiful!


  2. They look fabulous hanging on your poll – you’re really cracking on with the sewing 😀


  3. These are cute. I think the green looks just fine.


  4. Ok, now I am going to have to go back and get all of these little cottages. I only purchased one, so now to get the rest after seeing yours again. The buttons are a nice touch. Great job!


  5. So lovely. All three look wonderful together too!


  6. Very pretty! I love seeing all three together.


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