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I’ve been buying books again.


Quite a lot of books in fact. We went to Sainsbury’s yesterday to get a few bits. Just the making of some BLTs for when we watch the F1. Unfortunately, Sainsbury’s had rather a lot of books at half-price and Stephen left me looking at them for a bit too long while he got the bacon. I had three in my hands by the time he returned.

bookstash120413The bottom book is from the library. We stopped off there on the way home to pick it up as I’d had an email to say it was in.

I’ve been looking at Skios for a while. I liked Spies by the same author so I thought I’d give this one a try. The prisoner of heaven was just waiting to jump into my basket as I loved The shadow of the wind and The Angel’s game. The Jenny Colgan was a no brainer too. I quite like the author and it has chocolate in the title.

And having read the first two in the Heat series, and as I adore the TV series, I had to reserve Heat Rises from the library.

I thought you might like to see a photo of the front cover of Heat Rises.

HeatrisescoverOoops, I seem to have accidentally placed the book upside down before taking the photo. Silly me 😉

Four books isn’t too bad and I could easily read those this month so they wouldn’t add to the TBR mountain too much. The problem is that I went a bit mad on Amazon last weekend. I read a book by Dana Stabenow last year and rather enjoyed it. I read it as it was set in Alaska, which I’m still fascinated by, and also as it was a freebie download. One of the Kindle Daily Deals last weekend was another three of her books, in the same series, for 99p each. I can live with that price so I investigated only to find that they were later books. Now I can’t read books out of order so once I’d purchased these, I was left with a dilemma. Should I wait until the others became available at that price, or buy them all now so I could start reading? Sigh. You know me. I now have all of them up to #16.

The good news is that I’ve read #2 already and loved it. So much so that I started #3 without a pause. Just as soon as I finish it though, I’m diving into that library book.


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3 thoughts on “I’ve been buying books again.

  1. Those others were probably feeling a little lonely I should think – great job!


  2. oh I don’t think that’s such a huge addition – especially if you’ve already read two of them!


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