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The case of the flashing fashion queen – Heather Doherty
I needed something to read at 5am this morning and couldn’t be bothered to go downstairs to rummage through the TBR shelves. All I had in my bedside drawer was my trusty Kindle and as I couldn’t really be bothered to rummage through everything on that, I picked one of the first books to leap out at me. I think I downloaded this one as the author also wrote Ashlyn’s radio, which I enjoyed a few months ago, but also because it was cheap, and sounded amusing. It was quite a decent read. Funny, a good plot, and some good characters. The main character is a female P.I. which could lead to some interesting tales in the next books. I may look out for an offer on the next one to see if it’s as diverting.

Rubbernecker – Belinda Bauer
I picked this up from the library yesterday afternoon and started it this morning. I seem to have finished it too. It was so good that I just kept reading, and reading, and reading. I had an inkling that I’d enjoy it as I loved the author’s previous three books, but I’m so pleased that she’s pulled it off again with a completely different set of characters, plot, setting etc. The main character in this one has Asperger’s and the story follows him as he stumbles onto a situation that makes him suspicious. That’s all I’m saying as I don’t want to give anything away for anyone thinking of reading it. Definitely recommended for an interesting and easy read.

Dead Case in Deadwood – Ann Charles
This is the third book in the Deadwood humorous mystery series and it was read on my Kindle. I quite liked it, but unfortunately not as much as the previous two. It’s gone just a bit too much to the paranormal side when what I wanted was a nice mystery read. I do like a bit of paranormal but not when it’s not what I want in a book, if you know what I mean. Despite this one ending on a bit of a cliffhanger, I doubt I’ll be getting any more of the series.

A fatal thaw – Dana Stabenow
Book 2 of the Kate Shugak series and bought as part of my Kindle download binge a few weeks ago. I loved this. It was even better than the first book. I love the main character. You can imagine her as a real person so easily. I love the way you feel like you’re there in Alaska. You can visualise it easily because of the way it’s so well written. I got to the end of this one and as it was in an omnibus edition, it was so easy, and so tempting to just start reading book 3. So I did.

Dead in the water – Dana Stabenow
In this one Kate is working on a crab fishing vessel in the Bering sea, while investigating the mysterious disappearance of two of its deck hands. It was a great read. I almost felt that I was there on that boat at times, although I’m really glad that I wasn’t. I loved the way the tension gradually increased. You knew something was coming, but when it did it was so tense and exciting. I loved this book. So much so that I’ve started on the short story at the end of the omnibus.

Nooses Give – Dana Stabenow
This was only a short one at around 30 pages but it was excellent. It was about a bootlegger, the deaths of some teenagers and Kate doing something about it. I’ll take a break from Kate now while I read my library book but I may be back soon.

Heat rises – Richard Castle
This was easily the best one in this series so far. The writing was good and the plot was excellent. There were twists and turns with suspects galore. There’s a scene in Central Park which is definitely larger than life, but such good fun to read. There is intrigue and romance, murder and bad guys, and a brilliant ending – in more ways than one. I’ve got the next book reserved at the library, but sadly so have several other people so I’m in a queue. I do hope the other people read fast as I really need to know what happens next.

Grave memory – Kalayna Price
I was looking for something else on my Kindle and stumbled across this. I’d completely forgotten that I’d downloaded it. Once I’d spotted it though, I felt the urge to read it. It was quite enjoyable, although not quite as good as the first two, I thought. The whole planeweaver thing complicates things too much in my opinion. I did enjoy most of it though and I loved the ending, which is going to force me to get the next book.

Deadlocked – Charlaine Harris
I pre-ordered this from Amazon and it’s been sitting on my shelves for a while now, which is unusual as normally I read the Sookie books as soon as I get my hands on them. I don’t think I’m as excited by these books as I used to be though. The more recent ones just aren’t as good. I think perhaps the author is running out of ideas. This book was ok but didn’t hold my attention as much as the earlier books did. I didn’t like the ending much. I felt that the reason the murder was done didn’t seem right and several things seemed to be wrapped up very conveniently as if they were plot points that weren’t going to be used again. I’m not sure if I want to read any more of these now. I’ll see how I feel when the next one comes out.

The loveliest chocolate shop in Paris – Jenny Colgan
This was rather good. I don’t read a lot of chicklit but I just fancied this one, perhaps because it had Chocolate in the title. I’m not sure that I’ve read any Jenny Colgan before but I might just do so now. It wasn’t too slushy, and the descriptions of Paris, and more importantly the chocolate were excellent. I wasn’t quite sure if I liked part of the ending or not, but otherwise it was a very nice read.

Did you miss me? – Karen Rose
This is one of my more recent acquisitions and was much to chunky to slip into the Rs on my bookshelf. My very overstuffed bookshelf. So, I thought I’d read it. There’s something about Rose’s books that I like. I don’t read them all as they come out, as I do with some authors, but I will pick the odd one up when I see it and I’m always confident that I’ll enjoy it.
This was full of detail and interesting characters. There was a lot going on, with the narrative following both the good guys and the villain of the piece. The information in it was doled out a bit at a time to keep you interested and it had a great ending. I really liked it, as I thought I would.

The unlikely pilgrimage of Harold Fry – Rachel Joyce
I picked this up at Costco recently. I’ve seen it everywhere and I was intrigued by the blurb so I thought I’d give it a try. I was pretty much hooked from the first page and read it in one gulp. Time just sort of got away from me. It’s about a chap called Harold who goes out to post a letter and just keeps walking. It’s about the people he meets on his journey and his personal journey as he walks. It’s also about his wife and his past life. It was excellent and a little bit different. I really enjoyed it.

Two weeks’  notice – Rachel Caine
This is the second book in the revivalist series and follows on more or less straight on from the first one. It starts off fairly normally but quickly descends into chaos, violence and intrigue. Great stuff! I rather enjoyed it, especially the way it escalated right up to that shock discovery near the end. I’m quite looking forward to the next one.


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2 thoughts on “Books read in April

  1. It is a fairly new series. That’s book two. Definitely worth reading.
    The Kate Shugaks are excellent. I’m really enjoying them.


  2. Is that a new Rachel Caine series? I think I have the first Kate Shugak on my Kindle, I’ll definitely bump it up the list. I know what you mean about Sookie Stackhouse. I haven’t read this most recent one yet but I wasn’t thrilled with the couple of them really which is a shame because the books before that were great.


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