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Around the World in 80 days – May update #1

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I really hoped to have finished this by now. There was a delay in picking it up this month as I wanted to catch up with Song of the Weather and the Papillon SAL. Then once I did get around to it, I didn’t get much time for stitching as we’ve had builders in, which was distracting and took a lot of time getting things ready for them. Finally I got the time to stitch and started stitching the lighter of the two patches of grass.

The more I stitched though, the less I liked it. The two greens are just too similar so you don’t get the lovely contrast as shown in the picture of it. I noticed it when I was doing the balloon, but thought it’d be ok. I noticed it again when doing the darker green grass around the stems of the plant. I had to frog the stems and redo them in a different shade as they disappeared into the grass. I hoped it’d be ok when I did the big section of grass but once I started stitching around the greenery in the dark green, and joining up to the other patch of grass, it was obvious that the shades were just too much the same. It looked dreadful and the more I stitched, the less I was enjoying it.

In the photo you can see much more of a contrast than there actually is. For some reason the camera can see a difference that you can’t with the naked eye. You’ll have to take my word for it how close the two shades of green are.


Too see how close they are, just look at the red flowers in the lighter green section. There is some darker green foliage attached to them, but you can hardly see it. I’ve done a fair bit of it so at this point I was reluctant to start over but I didn’t want to stitch any more as it was really bugging me by now.

In the end, I took a deep breath and frogged it. It was going to be one of those projects that ended up in a drawer if I didn’t so I’m just resigned to it taking longer than I hoped. I need to have a rummage in my stash to see if I’ve got a suitable lighter green to use. If I can find something I like for it, I may redo the paler bits on the balloon as that’s annoying me too now that I’ve decided to redo the grass.

I may stick with this until it’s finished now. This month’s rotation has completely lost the plot so I may as well. And if I do finish it, I get to start something new in June. Hooray!


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