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Song of the weather – May update


I’m quite pleased with this. The surface stitches aren’t the most interesting ones that we’ve done but look pretty all the same. The cutting was much easier this time. I think I’m finally getting comfortable with it. I must make sure that I don’t get too complacent and make a mistake next month though.

The uneven bars seemed to take ages, but there are quite a few of them. Mine are nicely uneven, but maybe not in the way that was intended. They were definitely improving as I went along though, so that’s ok. I’m happy with my Fan stitches. They were fun to do and I think they look ok.

05MayNow to see if my printer will co-operate as I try to print off the next installment of the Papillon SAL.


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4 thoughts on “Song of the weather – May update

  1. I think it turned out great! Love the color.


  2. Looks lovely – I like the colour of the fabric that’s behind it.


    • Thanks 🙂
      I got two pieces of silk at the NEC. That’s the lighter one and I have one that’s darker for backing it if the light colour is used in the holes.


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