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April’s Cottage – framed


April has been sitting on my desk for a few weeks waiting for me to cut the fabric and assemble it. I had got around to choosing which fabric, but that was as far as I got last time I looked at it. It didn’t take long to cut and assemble it once I did sit down to do it, and I’ve cut some extra 9″ squares for the backs while I was at it, ready for the next few.



I’ve used the Kansas Troubles Sandhill Plums fabric again, this time using a dark purple for the front. I’ve pulled a lighter colour for May’s edging to break it up a bit on the rail.

This is how the first four look now.



I’ve got buttons to add to them and I really must get February back down to alter the one stud so that it sits evenly. The fabric is all cut for May so I might do that when I assemble that one.


Author: Carole

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4 thoughts on “April’s Cottage – framed

  1. They look absolutely smashing all lined up – the fabric colours are really showing them off beautifully.


  2. Hi Carole,
    Wow.. this is beautiful!
    Also, I need to tell you:
    Because you feel more like a family than a line on my computer, youโ€™re getting an award!
    Read this for more information:
    Thank you for being the next-door “online” neighbour.


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