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Flower Sampler book – June update


It didn’t take too long to do the first internal page as I’d made a start on it by doing the Four-sided stitch and the Backstitched alphabet last time. I just needed to add the quote.


The Cross stitch alphabet was a joy to stitch. I’m really liking how the Madeira threads look, and the colours are so vivid.


Once I’d done that, all I had to do was the Hemstitch. This was the first time that I’d done this type of Hemstitch and it was easy enough, once I got used to the idea that with the fabric and thread being the same colour, I couldn’t actually see what I was stitching. I think it came out ok though.


The slightly scary part was then cutting along the edge of the Hemstitch. It would have been terrifying if not for having had some practise at cutting with the Hardanger SAL, and also that I was using my lovely Squissors. Again,  not being able to see the stitched threads was interesting as I was quite keen not to cut them. I managed without any mishaps though and I’m rather pleased with how the first pair of pages came out.


I lost three stitching days to a migraine last week so I’m going to give this a few more days before doing a bit on my week three project. I’m loving stitching my Flower Sampler book so I think it deserves some extra time.

In the latest Itch to Stitch, the publication from the Cross Stitch Guild, is a lovely project. It’s a Strawberry Sampler book and is similar to this one only with strawberries, some different techniques, and it’s PINK. I’m afraid I gave into temptation and have ordered the materials pack for it. All the more reason to get this one done fairly soon so I can start the pretty new one.


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5 thoughts on “Flower Sampler book – June update

  1. What kind of fabric did you use for the cross-stitch letters and what weight of fabric ?
    I want to make some labels to attach to our seagrass cloths baskets. What would you recommend for a backing once the cross stitch labels are made ? Thanks


    • Hi Lisa. Sorry for the delay in replying. It’s been quite a long time since I finished the sampler book so I don’t know what the fabric was. It all came in the kit with the threads and other bits and bobs.


  2. oh, oh, oh – I went off to search for the Strawberry thing, I’m am not at all surprised that you ordered it up – it’s fabulous. Does one need to be a member?


    • The charts and instructions are in the member magazine but I think I read somewhere that the whole kit will be on sale to non-members later this year. I could be mistaken with that though as I can’t remember where I saw it.


  3. oh it really is beautiful, those colours are just scrumptious. The edges look smashing and the strawberry thing sounds very interesting…


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