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Mini Venice Street


I fancied stitching on a different UFO for this month’s week three project. I was getting a bit bored with the Hamilton one last time I got it out, so I put that away again and fetched out another slightly abandoned project – Mini Venice Street.

When I was working on this one before, it seemed to be taking ages with all the confetti and colour changes. I did a bit of the backstitch to try to encourage myself but it just seemed too much. This is how it looked when I put it away two years ago.


In just three days I’ve managed to complete ALL of the cross stitch. Why on earth was I making such a meal of it before? I can only think that in the past two years I’ve got faster at stitching.

I’m not saying that I loved stitching this though. It’s on Aida, which I’ve pretty much abandoned now in favour of Evenweaves. Any kit that I do that has Aida in it, gets the fabric changed so the only things I’ll be stitching on Aida now are the ones that are already started.

This felt really stiff and scratchy to stitch on and I couldn’t seem to find the hole in the back to sew two-handed. I have no problem at all with that on Evenweaves. Still, it’s finished now, apart from the backstitch, and I’m trying not to think about the half-finished Winnie the Pooh calendar which is also on Aida.

This is what it looks like at the moment.


I’m doing the backstitch now, in between some crochet and some sewing, and will carry on with it until either the next Papillon is released, or until the 1st of July when I’ll be starting Fellowship of the ring.


Author: Carole

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4 thoughts on “Mini Venice Street

  1. I love it, aida or not.


  2. It’s going to look absolutely smashing when the backstitch is finished – it’s a really good example of backstitching making cross stitch come to life isn’t it? Looking forward to the next update.


    • Yes it is a good example. You can’t tell just how good from the photo though. It almost looks 3D where the backstitching is. I must get a crack on and finish it instead of tootling about on the laptop πŸ˜‰


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